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Karjat Water Fall

 Many farm houses and residential colonies are situated here with all civil amenities and a municipal corporation. People from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune have second or weekend homes here and regularly celebrate festivals, new year parties, week-end bash here. It is also popular for pleasure visits during the monsoon season. Distance from Chembur to Karjat is 46 kilometres and from Sion it is 49 kilometres. Karjat has an advanced bio-tech institute which has been developing patented hybrid varieties of rice of international repute, apart from other crops and techniques.
It has an average elevation of 194 metres (636 ft). It lies on the banks of the River Ulhas. Tourism, Adventure Sports, Higher Education, Film Shooting, Retailing, Nurseries & Plantation and Spa Hospitality are the main occupations.

Karjat waterfall

Karjat waterfall Monsoon

Karjat waterfall

Karjat waterfall on Monsoon

Karjat waterfall


Kalsubai peak highest peak in Maharashtra

Kalsubai using its towering elevation associated with 5400ft, recognized since the maximum top associated with Maharashtra. The height stage offered like a system to view the actual foes throughout the Maratha guideline. Costly nonpareil spot to take pleasure in going.

Kalsubai Peak

A little forehead is visible at the very top. The actu forehead comes with an aged well at the yard. Based on story water degree of the actual nicely in no way falls beneath three ft.to is definitely an fantastic as well as medium-hard travel. The walk serves as is actually via open up woodland plot, therefore it may be thorough throughout sunlit time. the road is actually nicely noticeable. You can very easily obtain a manual through the foundation camp-village Bari for Rs. 50-100. The actual villagers additionally create meals plans with regard to couple of dollars. You will find metal ladders constructed through the villagers in the high slope areas. The actual ascend is actually mild however much more thorough. There exists a well at the center of the actual travel along with may out your own desire additionally complete your own washing specifications.

For those who have outdoor tents, you may also call and make an immediately remain close to the well-hut. The last slope best is actually formed just like a demanding from the deliver. Together with all of us, a vintage guy from the age group eight decades additionally climbed the height.

Upon 7 days finishes the actual travel is an extremely occupied route with regard to trekkers through Mumbai, Pune as well as Nashik. Throughout Navratri the actual villagers keep the yatra within the Kalsubai forehead. you have in order to ascend an aligned step ladder pay contribution towards the Kalsubai empress to make the actual journey effective

Kalsubai Trek

Through the best associated with Attach Kalsubai, you can obtain excellent see from the Bhandardara river as well as Wison atteinte. Soon after the actual wet time of year, the area is actually protected along with number of blossoms. Throughout the a few months Oct in order to Nov individuals adjoining area arrange a spiritual reasonable only at that location.

To achieve the actual smt there are numerous going paths as well as pet songs. The primary path begins through the town associated with Bari that is regarding 6 kilometres through Bhandardara. To achieve Bari, you have to go to Igatpuri within the Mumbai Nasik path. Through Igatpuri make morning hours tour bus (at about five. 00 feel through the Igatpuri Tour bus Stand) heading in the direction of Pune as well as drop in Bari.
This often takes 3 hrs to achieve the very best through Bari. Right after leaving behind Bari, a little flow is actually entered implemented right after with a Hanuman forehead. The road through at the rear of this particular forehead requires the actual hiker directly to the actual smt. You will find 3 metal ladders together this particular path. There exists a nicely close to the final

Kalsubai View

metal step ladder as you methods the very best however the drinking water is not really admisible throughout the summer time. All of those other path is actually without having drinking water, therefore it is better to fill up drinking water containers within Bari. Costly simple walk, however areas of this are very high within locations.

It really is located upon Kalsubai hill variety that is a good offshoot vary from primary sahyadri variety as well as step through to the west in order to eastern. The this particular hill variety continues to be produced range of motion the Kalsubai top by itself.

This particular whole variety is actually incredible through the going viewpoint. Although little long, this particular variety has its own from the highest highs as well as most difficult castles. Beginning with to the west in order to eastern this particular variety consists of Kulang, Madan, Alang castles. Best associated with Kalsubai top provides as well as outstanding see of most these types of castles.

Kalsuba, although the maximum top, through going viewpoint the simple. the height features a forehead and also to check out this particular forehead lots of people travel towards the best. Therefore with regard to benefit associated with this kind of pilgrim trekkers federal government and native villagers made the road simple secure through placing ladders as well as stairs where ever required. Therefore achieving towards the best is simply examination of the endurance and never mountain climbing ability. However when you achieve the very best then you definitely obtain completely continuous see associated with encircling. None other top pokes the nasal area in your way on the path to the actual magnificent see.

The actual 30 days associated with oct, tiny bit warmer compared to monsoon or even winter season is fantastic with this travel. Because monsoon has ended you are able to take pleasure in the crystal clear heavens and therefore obtain outstanding see and furthermore ground continues to be damp which means you reach notice diminishing however outstanding blooming all around the path. Nov onwards this particular journeys gets dried out and monsoon the a lot of wet.

Trekking  Kalsubai in Maharashtra

  1. Bari-Kalsubai-Bari
  2. Distance: 10 km
  3. Time: 5-6 hours

    kalsubai Peak


kalsubai peak


Badami every regal funds from the Chalukyas is currently the tired city within Bagalkot region associated with Karnataka. The city had been referred to as Vatapi formerly. It really is satisfied within a area in the foundation of the furrowed, red-colored arenaceous stone which bands Agastya river. Badami is really a location that is filled with give wats or temples, entrances, bastion, dedications as well as designs.

The actual Chalukyas who dominated Karnataka as well as Andhra Pradesh throughout sixth as well as eighth hundreds of years experienced Badami being a funds. The best one of the Chalukyas had been Pulakeshi 2 who else dominated among 610-642 A.D. This individual conquered numerous nobleman as well as Mahendra Verman We, the actual Pallava cal . king, had been one in all all of them. New york state started through your pet within 540  A.D..

The actual historic Chalukyas associated with Badami tend to be certified which includes of the greatest traditions associated with Dravidian structures acknowledging a good observational blend associated with old Southern Indian native forehead building as well as artwork and also the Nagara setting associated with To the north Indian. Could be mixture of southern as well as to the north transferred in to the Dravidian forehead creating design.

Badami are the sites from the 6th-7th millennium Brahmanical as well as Jain give wats or temples. The actual wats or temples tend to be minimize associated with strong stone along with sophisticated inside home decor which talk amounts associated with artwork as well as structures of this time period. You will find four give wats or temples linked to one another having a trip associated with stairways.

The actual Badami Give Wats or temples consist of 4 caverns, almost all created from the smooth Badami sandstone on the slope high cliff back in the sixth millennium. The actual 4 caverns tend to be easy in vogue. The actual entry is really a verandah along with rock articles as well as mounting brackets, an exclusive function of those caverns, resulting in the columned mandapa after which towards the little sq . shrine (sanctum sanctorum) reduce heavy in to the give. The actual forehead caverns symbolize various spiritual sects. Most notable, 2 focus on our god Vishnu, someone to our god Shiva and also the 4th is really a Jain forehead. The very first 3 tend to be dedicated to the actual Vedic belief and also the 4th give may be the just Jain forehead in Badami. The actual give wats or temples may date back to six hundred as well as seven hundred VOTRE. Their own structures is really a mixture of To the north Indian native Nagara Design as well as Southern Indian native Dravidian design. Because explained over every give features a sanctuary sanctorum, the mandapa, the verandah as well as support beams. The actual give wats or temples additionally endure beautiful designs, statues as well as gorgeous decals.

Cave  1:

Bandami caves 1

Cave 1, situated simply over a entry from the complicated, is actually focused on God Shiva. Created in the actual later on half the 56th millennium, it really is possibly the earliest from the 4 caverns. Within the high cliff walls towards the correct may be the impressive one five mirielle higher picture of the 16 equipped dance Shiva, referred to as Nataraja. This individual retains the fish, the game along with a trishula (trident).
The actual give is actually completely full of the actual works of art as well as marvelous designs, which will mesmerize the second you obtain a glance of these. The actual patio region is actually outlined using the massive number associated with Ardhanarishvara. The best half the number displays top features of God Shiva, for example matted tresses as well as 3rd eyes. Whilst left from the patio, the dvarpala doorway mom or dad appears underneath Nandi half truths.

Cave  2:

Bandami cave 2

Just a little greater, just like the Give one, may be the Give two, focused on God Vishnu. The actual give increases associated with a few of the amazing statues as well as works of art combined with the massive shrine associated with God Vishnu. Within this give you will discover Vishnu in various types as well as designs. With the pictures God Vishnu is actually pictured because Trivikrama. The is actually demonstrated along with 1 feet overcoming our planet and also the some other in the atmosphere.

Cave 3:

Badami Cave 3

Created within AD 578, Give three appears underneath 30 colocar higher verticle with respect stone cold bluff. It really is biggest and many appealing give from the 4 caverns. On the left hand side hands from the give is really a big making from the God Vishnu, seated within the shelves from the fish. Alongside this is situated the actual magnificent picture associated with Varaha along with 4 fingers. The actual support beams possess created mounting brackets within the form of yalis and also the edges from the support beams will also be created. Additionally, there are pictures associated with Shiva within the half truths, Indra increasing a good hippo as well as Brahma upon swan.

Cave 4:

Badami Cave 4

One of the 3 Brahmanical caverns it does not take just Jain forehead give within Badami. It really is located towards the eastern associated with some other 3 caverns, looking over the actual Agastya give and also the city. The development of the give give required nearly a century. The primary emphasize from the give may be the picture associated with God Mahavira within the sanctuary. An additional most significant picture within the give is Suparshvanatha between twenty four Jain tirthankars.

Traveling Detail:-

Baagalkot to Badami :- 30kms

Bijapur to Badami :- 128kms

Hubi to Badami :- 132 kms

Baangalore to Badami :-  589 kms