Ratangad Fort(रतनगड) in Ratan Wadi, Maharashtra

Historical past:
Ratangad  is really a fortification within Ratan Wadi, Maharashtra, Indian, looking over the actual location associated with Bhandardara, among the earliest synthetic catchment region. The actual fortification is all about 2150 years of age.
Ratangad features a organic stone top having a hole inside it at the very top which is sometimes called ‘Nedhe’ or even ‘Eye from the Needle’.
Ratangad had been grabbed through Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosle as well as had been among their faves. The bottom town Ratanwadi features a Amruteshwar forehead that is recognized for the designs. The actual fortification is actually source for your water Pravara/Amrutvahini. The actual Bhandardara dam(arthar dam) is made with this water.
The primary appeal in Ratanwadi may be the Amruteshwar forehead dating back to towards the Hemadpant Period — approximately through the 8th millennium.
The bottom town Ratanwadi is actually contacted through vessel through Bhandardara. Through vessel, this is a six km’s trip and additional this is a four km’s stroll until Ratanwadi.
Ratan indicates Treasure within Hindi. This particular slope fortification is definitely treasure out of all slope castles within Sahyadri. It really is situated in the actual region associated with Ahmednagar and it is situated regarding 4255 ft over ocean degree. This is based on the actual Ajoba hill variety between excellent hills associated with Kulang, Alang, Kalsubai, Katarabai, Ajoba as well as Ghanchakkar. Geographically Ratangad reaches the actual banking institutions associated with Bhandardara river associated with Ahmednagar region. Along with sights associated with river as well as maximum hills within Sahyadris appears greatly dropped with time.

In the foundation of the fortification is actually historic God Shiva (Amurteshwar) forehead. Regarding one thousand years of age forehead associated with God Shiva, the actual Amruteshwar Forehead in Ratanwadi, is definitely an total paragon an excellent source of course structures of our own forefathers.
Ratangad offers nevertheless the actual continues to be associated with citadel along with casemate as well as rock wall space. Give on top is actually reduce through the stone encounter and may very easily allow for twenty five individuals each time. Drinking water cisterns are often full of drinking water throughout every season as well as trekkers make use of them because drinking water resource. Far eastern part from the fortification has its own curtain remaining, you can notice Rani mahal right here. Through the the southern part of part upon can easily see Katrabai as well as Ajoba fortification close. This particular part has additionally a few curtain remaining, most from it is actually harmed. Rising on the actual north part, you can notice organic hole (hole within stone, in your area known as nedhe) within the stone encounter, mainly created by blowing wind. This particular hole is actually not too young to appear through foundation from the fortification and may support regarding 6-7 individuals each time. Powerful wind gusts could be skilled only at that hole. Rising over the nedhe towards the traditional western finish from the fortification prospects nearest the actual Khuta peak through tryambak Darwaza.

Travel in order to fortification requires a couple of in order to 4 hrs. 2 caverns existing at the very top. Little give does not have any kind of barbeque grill to shut the actual starting associated with give it will support about five individuals. Large give possess barbeque grill to shut the actual give within evenings it will support twenty five individuals. Evening remain can be carried out.



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