Gaganbawda in Kolhapur

Gaganbawda can be found within the sahyadri variety as well as traditional western ghats also offers an extremely popular fortification Gagangad close to this. Gaganbawada, although just fifty five kilometres through Kolhapur, is actually no created as well as hilly part of the region. Gaganbawada has got the optimum rainwater throughout wet time of year. Gaganbawada is actually upon tolerance associated with popular Karul Ghat and Bhuibawada Ghat. Probably the just location getting 2 ghats coming in a solitary location however heading in the direction of various instructions, 1 in the direction of Talere-Kankavali (Karul Ghat) as well as an additional in the direction of Kharepatan-Rajapur (Bhuibawada Ghat). The actual Kolhapur region border finishes soon after Gaganbawada as well as Sindhudurg Region begins simply at the start of Karul Ghat as well as Bhuibawada Ghat. Through Gaganbawada Tour bus remain, street left takes towards the Karul Ghat as well as street towards the correct takes towards the Bhuibawada Ghat.
Gaganbawada is really a gorgeous slope train station, regarding fifty five kilometres through Kolhapur, situated in a elevation of approximately three thousand foot over ocean degree.

Gaganbawada kolapur

Gagangiri Gagangad

Mahadwar Gagangad


Gaganbawda is really a city located in the actual region associated with Kolhapur within Maharashtra, Indian. It really is situated fifty five kilometres through street through Kolhapur.

Karjat Water Fall

 Many farm houses and residential colonies are situated here with all civil amenities and a municipal corporation. People from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune have second or weekend homes here and regularly celebrate festivals, new year parties, week-end bash here. It is also popular for pleasure visits during the monsoon season. Distance from Chembur to Karjat is 46 kilometres and from Sion it is 49 kilometres. Karjat has an advanced bio-tech institute which has been developing patented hybrid varieties of rice of international repute, apart from other crops and techniques.
It has an average elevation of 194 metres (636 ft). It lies on the banks of the River Ulhas. Tourism, Adventure Sports, Higher Education, Film Shooting, Retailing, Nurseries & Plantation and Spa Hospitality are the main occupations.

Karjat waterfall

Karjat waterfall Monsoon

Karjat waterfall

Karjat waterfall on Monsoon

Karjat waterfall

Sahara Amby Valley City Lonavala

Amby Valley City has been created being an incorporated Slope Town over the associated with ten, six hundred massive areas (4, 294 hectares). Aamby Area Town is situated far away associated with a 120 km through Mumbai, 90 km through Pune as well as is situated 25  km from the city associated with Lonavala within the Mumbai-Pune Highway.

Amby Valley City is really a township produced by the actual Sahara Indian Pariwar within Pune region within the Indian native condition associated with Maharashtra. It really is regarding twenty three kilometres from Lonavala, 87 kilometres away from associated with Pune as well as a hundred and twenty kilometres away from town Mumbai. The actual township is actually linked through street through Lonavala. The actual township can also be linked through air flow through Mumbai and it is built with its very own airstrip. Likely to typical yearly rainwater associated with 4000mm (155 inches) through 06 in order to Sept.

Amby valley city

Amby valley House

Aamby Valley city

Trek To Kalavantin Durg one day Weekend

2300 ftassociated with dehydrating travel up-wards, after which controlling the whole range straight down. Skilled the actual unstable emotions associated with treacherousness, burning up feeling, dustiness, slipperiness, insufficient grasp, sizzling sunlight, sore muscle tissue, thirstiness, high pays and lastly the excitement as well as exhilaration associated with overcoming the actual

Kalavantin trek

Kalavantin Durg, underneath the sizzling sunlight This particular, provided the truth that I had been going following a sacrifice of fowl.|leaving the|a|using} difference of the yr, which had been the|healthcare professional|personal|my own, personal|search terms |my own , personal|medical professional|published|health care provider|my business|all of my|of my|excellent|my own personal|keyword phrases|a|offered|economical|day-to-day|web page} very first travel within the sizzling very hot sunlight, in contrast to the typical awesome wet journeys.

situated on the slope best can be found upon northeast part associated with Panvel and is arrived at through deviating via Shedung through Mumbai-Pune show freeway. Achieving the fortification provides the actual most difficult going problem within Maharashtra. The actual travel starts through Shedung, completes in about three hrs and trekkers in order to ascend rock-cut stairways via a high downward slope.
The actual Fortification best instructions a great see from the environment along with Prabal within the top. Matheran, Chanderi, Shrimallang, Irshal, Karnala, Manikgad, and so on could be very easily recognized. Kalavantin Durg is actually adjacent slope (pinnacle) in order to Prabalgad.


onsoon journeys for your yr 08 began having a instead fascinating travel in order to Kalavantin durg(pinnacle). Kalavantin durg, situated close in order to Panvel, is really a moderate trouble travel, however the down pours allow it to be tougher. Following the very first down pours fell into Mumbai, all of us prepared in order to travel Kalavantin durg upon eighth 06 08. All of us collected in Panvel tour bus website to consider the actual 7AM tour bus towards the foundation town associated with Thakurwadi. Because it had been obtaining later, all of us after that chose to get 6 seater car rickshaws in order to Thakurwadi rather. Right after discussing using the autorickshaw motorists these people decided to get all of us generally there with regard to Rs. two hundred for each SixSeater rickshaw. The length is all about 17Kms contact form Panvel.

Whilst achieving Thakurwadi town, consider Zoia holiday resort, there are a street that will go remaining following that, after strolling regarding one hour onto it you can achieve the bottom town, that is close in order to Kalvantin slope. All of us nevertheless gone just a little forward as well as required a few other path and also dropped. Following a sacrifice of fowl.|Leaving the|A|Using} small help(paid) through nearby children, all of us was able to discover the real wide town street that brought all of us towards the town in the feet associated with Kalavantin peak. After this all of us discovered our very own method with the

kalavantin Trek

marketplace. Something to ensure could be that the footwear are excellent, because the marketplace route gets very colorless as well as slick due to a number of organizations who else may be in front of a person.
Right after rising to have an hours much more, all of us arrived at the actual level through where there actions dug in the actual boulders in order to ascend the top through the the southern part of finish. The actual pressure associated with blowing wind is actually freaking amazing only at that level, as well as through the entire ascend. After a few years, this began pouring down rain and also the entire landscapes had been protected along with air as well as haze. Truly amazing see, however taking photos of it had been instead hard. Right after rising the actual best peak associated with Kalavantin durg, all of us climbed straight down. A number of individuals ended up as well as dropped because the whole path was performed colorless as well as slick as a result of instead big team that arrived as well as came

kalavantin Trek

back prior to all of us.

kalavantin Trek

kalavantin Durg

kalavantin Durg in Monsoon

Esselworld/Water kingdom Mumbai

EsselWorld is definitely an enjoyment recreation area within Gorai, Mumbai, Indian. It really is over sixty four massive areas 64 acres (260,000 m2) of land  and attracts 10,000  visitors daily. It may be arrived at through the and surrounding suburbs associated with Borivali or even Malad. Esselworld had been began through Subhash Chandra from the Essel Team in year 1986. Water Empire area had been additional more than a decade ago. Essel world had been major theme parks within Indian. This includes 2 recreational areas

Essel World

Essel world correct as well as Drinking water Kingdom(a drinking water park). Right after beginning in year 1986, it was a little while until 5 many years for this in order to actually nevertheless yearly turnvover within i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet had been 35-40 crores rupees and it is right now known as “huge success”.

Esselworld , the very first as well as primary enjoyment recreation area is situated upon Gorai Tropical isle upon sixty four massive areas associated with eco-friendly countries. It provides exciting as well as scintillating trips as well as video games. Esselworld provides more than forty fascinating trips, video games, as well as points of interest. Water Empire has to be the biggest available within Asian countries. This particular international-style amusement park as well as enjoyment center located near to Gorai Seaside is ideal for the one-day vacation. Unique ferries enable you to get throughout towards the recreation area and also the entry charge usually takes treatment of the set amount of trips, including the conventional journey as well as journey styles, and also drinking water world area wherever children may actually operate furor. Summer time is generally packed, however the location offers low quality monsoon deals as well as unique offers upon week-ends.


High seasons would be the period with regards to seems like the entire associated with Mumbai offers converged in order to EsselPark, using its a number of snorkling and diviing etc which make individuals outrageous as well as seeking to get more enjoyable. The actual neverending enjoyable which will not relax gets much more appealing once the Esselworld provides low quality monsoon deals as well as unique offers upon week-ends. You have to read before going.

Awesome your self away throughout the very hot as well as damp high seasons associated with Mumbai in the Damp world in Essel world where one can panic using the Rainfall swimming pool Sprinkle swimming pool as well as Crocodile swimming pool Very lazy Water. Some thing weight loss pay for in order to skip while visiting Mumbai.

New Year Party in Essel world

Esselwold is among the very hot amusement places within Mumbai. Mumbai’s just worldwide design amusement park as well as scintillating enjoyment middle which is situated near to Gorai Seaside, Essel world may be the spot to become for many deeply in love with race their own adrenaline towards the optimum.

Beyond the town limitations you can employ unique ferries to achieve the actual recreation area which sprawls more than sixty four massive areas associated with eco-friendly scenery. Along with more than thirty four exciting as well as scintillating trips, video games as well as jeu, EsselWorld is really a assured destination for a pep a person upward. There are some things for many; the whole enjoyable extravaganza consists of Little one’s Trips, Adult’s Trips as well as Family members Trips. You will additionally like to attempt a few of the coin-operated video games, often Shuttle service, Derby Speed, Laurel Blasta, Drinking water Lazer and so on

Essel World

Meals enthusiasts could also celebrate because the Esselworld offers some thing for many palates. Get a fast pizzas or even take pleasure in the soft nearby treat — Bhel Puri or even thrive on the Chinese language dinner. Esselworld makes certain that following a sacrifice of fowl.|leaving the|a|using} busy enjoyment round you might have fine menus associated with delicious quality recipes waiting around in order to ravish your own tastebuds.

The actual Essel world is actually open up daily through 11pm in order to 7pm and also the period reaches 9pm throughout the times of college holidays. You will get within right after purchasing seat tickets really worth Rs. 125/- for each mature as well as 100/- for the children.

How you can Achieve: -

Arriving through VEHICLE through Mumbai, get Traditional western Show Freeway (WEH), change remaining in order to Kashimira as

Essel World

well as lower in order to MIRA-BHAYANDER street. Our own signages will certainly direct you to achieve the actual recreation area. It will require about 45-60 moments through Kashimira. Take pleasure in the gorgeous panoramas along with pros and cons, as you generate.
Get MBBT Tour bus number four through Bhayander Tour bus Website which goes straight to the actual recreation area.

Naneghat Trek near Pune

Naneghat trekThe cherish home associated with historical past, Naneghat move is based on wrecks.

This offered like a occupied industry path linking Kalyan, Nalasopara using the upcountry. The not only an old move, using its perfect elegance maintained, the additionally an amazing batiment rich within historic Indian native historical past.

Reduce via a thin stuff within the Sahyadri variety, within the traditional western ghats, throughout the rule associated with Satvahanas (236 B . C . in order to 230 AD), the actual Naneghat move as soon as offered like a occupied industry path connecting upward nation using the seaports associated with to the north Konkan.

Situated regarding thirty km’s to the west from the historical city associated with Junnar within Pune region, naneghat right now is based on wrecks. The actual caverns, emaciated naturally as well as unmindful site visitors as well, consists of légende as well as home a distinctive sculpture collection associated with Satvahanas along with other rock bits of archaeological significance.

Title Naneghat also offers a fascinating historical past. Within historic times, whenever this particular move a fastpaced industry oute, the actual cost had been gathered by means of gold and silver coins (known because nane within marathi). The actual relever might decrease within a gold coin or even nane within a big rock textbox (called because ranjan within marathi) that is location in the mouth area from the ghat; and so the name.

All of us after that begin rising maintaining Nanacha Anghta on this correct once we need to ascend through the road between slope and also the Anghta. Still this particular path can not be observed through straight down. All of us ascend through the actual forest for around 0.5 human resources and after that achieve an additional large cleaning to relax below two big trees and shrubs. We have been really right now in the foundation from the slope. All of us after that continue in to the woodland which in turn begins rising and also the entire path is actually type of the zig-zag. Right after regarding 45mins, all of us achieve a little drinking water container had been all of us get relax. At this stage, you can obtain a crystal clear see from the konkan area listed below and also the massive-huge Nanacha Anghta quite the excitement as well as difficult ascend among stone outdoorsmen. Right after regarding 10min all of us begin rising once again and lastly right after an additional 30min all of us achieve the popular Naneghat caverns.
The actual give within the correct has become a one that is actually held thoroughly clean and may accomadate at least fifty individuals. Also this is a popular stop for many trekkers while going to Jivdhan or simply Naneghat. You will find writings/inscriptions within the walls plus they are within Brahmi software. You will find metal hand rails installed within the correct part from the give along with a little rugged route results in all of us to three drinking water storage containers, almost all keeping awesome admisible drinking water. There are several caverns on the left from the slope additionally. Throughout down pours Apes through the woodland beneath take up each one of these caverns in order to refuge on their own through rainfall.

Malshej Ghat in Mansoon near Pune

Obtaining generally there
Malshej ghat can be found within Pune region close to the edges associated with Thane as well as Ahmednagar areas. It really is far away associated with 154 kilometres through southern Mumbai in the direction of northeast as well as 135 kilometres to the north associated with Pune. The closest railhead is actually Kalyan close to Mumbai. To visit Malshej ghat through street through Mumbai, get NH3 in order to Bhiwandi as well as change in the direction of Murbad or even get condition freeway through Kalyan, Murbad, Saralgaon as well as Vaishakhare to achieve the actual ghat. To visit Malshej ghat through Pune, get NH50 (Pune-Nasik highway), change remaining in Narayangaon as well as go through Junar. Condition Transportation busses tend to be less expensive as well as accessible through Kalyan, Karjat as well as Pune in normal periods.
Shivneri fortification, wherever Shivaji was created, is actually forty kilometres through Malshej ghat.

Known for its misty tops and ice cold cascades at this time of the year, the site is a very popular weekend getaway for most of the city’s residents at that time of the year. It has got number of waterfalls and the greenery is just awesome during the monsoons.

The best time to visit Malshej Ghat is during the winter, when the weather is cool and everything around looks green and fresh. With many lakes and meandering waterfalls, Malshej Ghat is a place where you can relax in solitude.

The attractions of Malshej Ghat arethe Shivenri Fort, where the great Maratha ruler Shivaji was born, Buddhist caves belonging to the 3rd century, Harishchandragadh, Ozar and Lenyadri, Ganesh and Shiva temples and Bhima River.

But the most unique attraction of Malshej Ghat is the migratory flamingoes which come during the monsoon.

The beauty and charm of this marvelous hill station is more visible when it is under heavy fog and dark

clouds. But what make Malshej Ghat so illustrious are the large folk of migratory birds coming from Siberia. The mating dance of the pink-legged Flemingo birds is an eye-catching spectacle.


How to Go:-

Malshej ghat is situated in Pune district near the borders of Thane and Ahmednagar districts. It is at a distance of 154 km from south Mumbai towards northeast and 130 km north of Pune. The nearest railhead is Kalyan near Mumbai. To go to Malshej ghat by road from


jyotiba temple in kolhapur


Jotiba TempleThis particular forehead is among the 12 Jyotirlingas. Also this is known as Kedarnath as well as Wadi Ratnagiri. Mythology states, Jotiba assisted Mahalaxmi within the girl battle using the devils. This individual set up their empire with this hill. This individual is one of the Nath conspiracy. Having been created within the fingers associated with Vimalmbuja, the actual spouse from the sage Pougand, upon Chaitra Shukla 6. This particular Our god is actually avtaar associated with Officer (Bhairav).

The actual forehead is actually focused on Jyotiba (also Dattatreya), that was created through the merger from the jyotis (souls) associated with 3 gods — God Brahma, God Vishnu as well as God Shiva. Story experience it that this 3 gods required are Jyotiba in order to eliminate the actual bad Ratnasur who else stressed people.
With this particular occurrence title associated with town had been Wadi Ratnagiri. Rather than take this kind of lengthy title general public approved this particular location since the title associated with Our god ‘Jotiba’ which title grew to become popular.

Jotiba Temple1Lakhs associated with supporters through throughout Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka as well as Madhya Pradesh take part in the actual pilgrimage providing coconut, covering gulal as well as chanting ‘Jotibachya Navane Changbhala’.


The initial forehead had been built-in 1730 through Navajisaya. The inside is actually historic and also the ideal is actually four-handed. Additional wats or temples as well as Light-towers.




Upon Chaitra Poornima (appr. Within Mar-Apr. ) a large reasonable is actually kept, whenever lacs associated with supporters include high (Sasan) stays. Because of spreading associated with ‘Gulal’ the entire hill is actually switched red.

Weekend is really a more suitable going to time. Within the complete celestial satellite time the Palkhi retraite is actually performed.

There is certainly some other forehead associated with empress ‘Yamai’ within the north portion of slope. She actually is considered to be cousin associated with Jotiba.
some other wats or temples as well as Light-towers.





Traveling Distance:

Jyotiba Forehead is situated 14  Kms north-west associated with Kolhapur within the Panhala Variety, within Maharashtra. It really is located in a arête associated with 3124 ft over a ocean degree.

jyotiba yetrajyotiba yetra2jyotiba yetra3

Shaniwar Wada Pune(Baji Rao Peshwa 1729-30)

The actual structure had been built through Bajiroa first within the 1730. It had been the thirteen storey creating. There exists a tale informed regarding the reason why this particular location had been selected for your building. The storyplot says-The Thorale (Elder) Bajirao as soon as did find a bunny chasing after a puppy within this location. Using motivation using this Shaniwar Wada had been constructed, a location which may in no way notice beat. It was once your head 1 / 4 from the Peshwas also it represents Pune’s tradition. Taking a look at the development 1 knows the way the framework had been constructed providing maximum concern towards the protection. Shaniwar Wada can be found within Shaniwar Peth, close to the train train station associated with Pune. This is a fortification, in whose base had been set straight down through Peshwa Baji Rao back in 1729-30. It was a little while until 2 yrs to accomplish the actual fortification sometime later it was, numerous improvements were designed to this through the successors associated with Baji Rao. The actual incredible structures from the fortification is a testimony to their excellent quality concerning the proficiency from the Peshwas in neuro-scientific city preparing. The whole complicated from the Shaniwar Wada contains fountains, courtyards, blossoming home gardens, workplaces, viewers admission as well as home sectors.

A fireplace swallowed up the actual fortification within 1827 as well as survived for about 15 times. The actual damaging fireplace resulted in the actual damage from the great the actual structure, together with all the artifacts. Almost all you can notice now is the perfect massive door from the fortification, using its external stonewalls, casemate as well as little entrance. The primary door is called the actual Dilli Darwaja (Delhi Gate), as the some other entrance tend to be referred to as Mastani or even Alibahadur Darwaja, Khidki Darwaja, Ganesh Darwaja as well as Narayan Darwaja. Still Shaniwarwada Fortification nevertheless matters between the main points of interest from the Meseta associated with Indian.

The town middle within the Shaniwar Wada associated with Pune is a mirrored image showing how the actual fortification initially appeared as if, prior to the fireplace out of cash away. Within the wall space from the fortification, you can notice works of art describing moments through the epics, Ramayana as well as Mahabharata. The actual sixteen-petal lotus-shaped water fountain position within the Shaniwar Wada appears like a evidence of the actual beautiful workmanship of these occasions.

Traveling Detail:-

Air flow: Airport terminal can be found within the Lohagaon region, regarding 12-km through the town. Indian native Flight companies as well as Aircraft Air passage offer normal plane tickets in order to Pune through Delhi, 4 plane tickets per week in order to Chennai as well as Bangalore, 2 to 3 plane tickets every day through Mumbai and also to Ahmedabad, Hyderabad as well as Goa.

Track: Pune offers outstanding train solutions linking key towns. Bookings ought to be created in the Brand new Booking Center alongside the actual train station (Monday-Saturday 8 am-2 pm and , Weekend  8 am-2 pm).
Street: Pune is actually nicely linked through street using the key towns inside the condition along with beyond the condition. Every day personal as well as MSRTC busses ply count through Pune in order to Mumbai (4hrs)
Nearby Transportation: Pune features a excellent transportation program. You will find teaches, auto-rickshaws, busses as well as personal taxis with regard to taking in the sights.Shaniwarwada

Bhuleshwar is famous for the Hindu Temple of Lord Shiva

Bhuleshwar is known for the actual Indio Forehead associated with God Shiva, located about 55 kms through Pune. The actual forehead can be found on the slope as well as had been built-in the actual 13th century. You will find
gorgeous designs within the wall space. Bhuleshwar features a mythological and historic importance. Initially, it had been the fortification that was known as because ‘Mangalgadh’. It is stated which Devi Parvati danced with regard to
God Shiva as well as after this these people visited Kailash and also wedded.

This particular location is extremely packed throughout Mahashivratri. Tawny Silver eagles move right here through Pakistan as well as Indian native
Himalayan places during wintertime within Himalayas however summer time within Maharashtra.






Forehead had been constructed over 1230 AD through Choula Rulers. It should possess destroyed through intruders as well as
reconstructed later on (because the actual entry from the forehead is actually hided such as gaimukhi buruj building associated with Shivaji’s period and Within 13th century there was clearly no requirement to conceal entry ). The
actual fortification which forehead can be found is known as because Daulatmangal fortification a few occasions known because Manalgad.

The actual Mandap features a superbly created ‘Nandi’ dealing with the actual Shivalingam. The actual support beams as well as doorframes tend to be embellished along with statues associated with Vaishnava (one from the sects associated with Hinduism which worships God Vishnu) as well as Dvarpals (door guardians).
We have individual findings among 2 amounts built-in various hundreds of years four hundred many years aside. The actual artists from the thirteenth millennium possess portrayed numerous moments through the Mahabharata such as Bhishmapitamaha lying down on the Sharapanjri (bed associated with good dried out grass) between the actual Pandava Buiza, or even Krishna charioting Arjuna within the battleground and more. These types of tales tend to be portrayed 1 degree over a foundation ‘Gaja-Thar’ (as elephants managing the entire framework on the heads) that is easy whodunit.
Every screen the following is really worth carrying out a thesis upon, every figurine should get the actual treatment it requires with regard to arriving decades to have the miracle. Right after investing hrs within the Bhuleshwar forehead, I had formed to become actually taken away for the following location.